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Guitar Crafting Technique & Philosophy

My guitars are designed and built in the Torres/Frederich style with an emphasis on tonal quality and the constant pursuit of a brighter sound. I strive to create an instrument that will project well with sufficient volume for the performer.

The guitars are constructed to be as light as possible, using European or Engelmann spruce tops. Backs and sides are made with East Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, European Maple or Mahogany.

Artists have their choice of a natural wood rosette or mosaic rosette. All guitar necks are custom shaped with a Spanish-heel and are finished with a French Polish.

These guitars are individually crafted for the discerning guitarist from the finest materials. Every piece of each instrument is scrutinized for quality before selection. I use traditional adhesives to enhance the clarity and tone of the instrument. This also results in a lively soundboard and high recording quality. The fret boards are slightly wide to enable the best tonal response under the pressure of performance. These guitars are a lifelong companion-seldom resold or traded. They will instill confidence and allure both onstage and off.

In 2013 I began using a new kind of bracing I first heard about and saw in a Gil Carnal guitar. This method utilizes lattice bracing with balsa wood and carbon fiber. The system has a few advantages: It allows the sound board to be thinned to 1.5 mm and it eliminates tone bars that decrease vibration. The fretboard has no contact with the soundboard. These features produce a greater efficiency of string vibration resulting in a robust, even tonal pallet and increased volume, producing a beautiful sound. Another advantage is that the action is easily adjusted at the heel.

Classical Guitars, acoustic guitars, Luthier, Steve Porter Guitars